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Insurance is the transfer of risk by an individual, such as yourself, or an organisation, such as your business, to the insurance company. There are two basic types of insurance – Life Insurance and General Insurance. Life insurance offers protection to individuals or groups of individuals against the risks associated with premature death, disability and loss of health, while General Insurance policies pay compensation for losses or damages sustained by the insured persons or organisations in respect of their property or liability. In return for accepting the risks, the insurance company receives payment in the form of premium. Protection plans similar to life and general insurance products which are based on Shariah principles are known as Takaful – that is Family Takaful and General Takaful products respectively.

Managed Account

In a financial environment that is both dynamic and ever-changing, you need an account that better manages your finances. That is why we have created the Managed Account (MA).

MA are discretionary managed investment accounts offered by Phillip Capital Management Sdn Bhd to retail investors, high-net-worth individuals, corporations and institutions.

With our varied suite of MA services, you will be able to select one that best meets your risk profile and needs. For high-net-worth individuals, corporations or institutions with special needs, we are also able to offer customized investment solutions, covering key asset classes in equity, bond and alternative investments. 

In managing our clients’ portfolios, we draw on the knowledge, skills and experience of our team of dedicated investment professionals. We adopt a top-down, bottom-up investment process that takes an active management stance, employing tactical asset allocation strategies and rebalancing portfolios as market conditions change.

Investing with us is not just about managing your wealth today, but helping you realize the future that you are looking forward to. We aim to achieve success with the right balance of optimal investment performance and capital preservation. 

Managed Accounts are individually managed investment accounts that can help you grow your wealth over the medium to long term. 

Features of MA Services
  • Individual portfolios of securities and/or funds.
  • Active management with tactical moves into cash/cash equivalent.
  • Funding flexibility with cash and/or existing investments.
  • Ease of injection and withdrawal of funds.
  • Transparency with online access and monthly statements.

Benefits of MA for Clients
  • Dedicated investment team to manage the clients’ portfolio.
  • Client gets transparency through quarterly statements and online access via POEMS.
  • Actively managed by monitoring the market and clients’ portfolio closely.
  • Diversification with generally not more than 5% in a single stock.
  • Tactical allocation with certain amount of cash as to average when the market comes down and provides more opportunity.
  • Risk Management assisted by POEMS on pre-trade to ensure fair allocation and sufficient spread of investments.
  • Funds are pooled together and will benefit from economy of scale with the ability to take placement and IPO.

Phillip Global Wrap Account (PGWA)

Investing Made Simpler

With the Phillip Global WRAP Account, you gain access to international stocks and over 400 funds from all over the world. Our professional qualified advisors will help you navigate through the confusing array of investment instruments on the market and select the ones best suited for you and your investment needs. With this account, you achieve multiple asset class diversification, simply and efficiently.

Let Our Professionals Do the Job

Rather than picking your own funds and spending time managing them, let our qualified and experienced professionals do the job for you. Through the monitoring and analyzing of market conditions, screening and assessing of fund managers, they will actively manage the selected individual finds as a portfolio, rebalancing your portfolio as and when required. You will also be able to monitor your portfolio online via our free online wealth management platform, known as Financial Access Made Easy (FAME). To protect your interests, we only select funds that are managed by respective and leading managers in their specialized fields. The best part? It comes without any sales charge or switching fee. If you value freedom of choice, low costs and investment flexibility, then the Phillip Global WRAP Account is for you.

Put Your Eggs in More Than One Basket

In turbulent times, it is important that you do not put your eggs in one basket and expose yourself to unnecessary downside risks. Our professionals managing your investments understand the need for diversification and focus on building portfolios based on asset allocation.

Meeting Your Unique Needs

Every individual is different, therefore your investment portfolio will be tailor made from a variety of international stocks and more than 400 unit trusts, alternative investments, and Exchange Traded Funds, based on your unique personal needs and financial goal. And as you move through different life stages or as circumstances change, your portfolio can be easily restructured to meet new needs. The Phillip Global WRAP Account is designed to meet your investment goals, targeting a positive return over the medium to long-term time horizon.

Where You Benefit From Our Advantages
  • 0% sales charge & no switching fee.
  • Hassle-free funds selection and management.
  • Multiple asset classes, sectoral diversification and global exposure.
  • Dedicated client servicing for portfolio reviews and administration.
  • Access of consolidated holdings through our online wealth management platform, FAME. You will also receive a hard copy quarterly report for easier financial management & monitoring of investment activities and portfolio holdings.

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)

What is Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)?

PRS form an integral feature of the private pension industry with the objective of improving living standards for Malaysians at retirement through additional savings of funds. Contributions to the PRS are voluntary. Individuals (retail investors, self-employed and employees) or employers can participate as PRS contributors.

How PRS Benefits me?
  • No fix amount or fixed intervals for PRS contributions
  • Choose PRS Providers and funds according to your risk appetite and investment profile
  • Option to switch funds within a PRS at anytime
  • Regulation to safeguards the investors’ interest
  • Tax Incentives for:
    Individual - Tax relief up to RM 3,000 per year of assessment (Y/A) from Y/A 2012 to 2021
    Employer - Tax deduction up to 19% of employees’ remuneration up to 10 years
  • According to Budget 2014, RM500 one-off incentive for PRS investors those between ages 20-30 has a minimum cumulative investment of RM1000 within a year.

Why Should I invest in PRS?

Our society is facing:

  • insufficient retirement savings
  • Rising cost of living
  • higher costs associated with increased life expectancy
  • Rising cost of healthcare treatment

Hence, PRS is providing an additional savings option to complement your retirement savings and overcome those costs and ensure your future living standard.

Who can invest in PRS?
  • All individuals who are 18 years old and above
  • Who seeking for additional way to increase total retirement savings
  • Self-employed
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Foreigners

Our member company, Phillip Mutual Berhad, a licensed Institutional PRS Adviser, distributes PRS Funds of the following Providers:

  • AIA Pension and Asset Management Sdn Bhd
  • AmInvestment Services Berhad
  • Hwang Investment Management Berhad
  • RHB Investment Management Sdn Bhd

Unit Trust

Unit trust fund is an investment scheme structured to allow investors with similar investment objectives to participate in the money, debt, equity and derivative markets. Professional investment managers, who channel their efforts towards achieving investment objectives ranging from regular income to capital growth, will manage funds collected from the scheme. Unit trusts are excellent vehicles for individual and corporate financial planning due to their affordability, liquidity and relatively low risk nature. Our Unit Trust Wrap account is an investment account that lets you access a large pool of Funds,'wrapped', giving you the flexibility to manage your investment transaction at an affordable cost.

Investing Made Simpler

With our Phillip Unit Trust Wrap account, you can easily invest in unit trust funds and access to more than 280 funds in a single consolidated account.

Customize Portfolio

Through Phillip Unit Trust Wrap Account, you can also engage a licensed Financial Planner to assist you in creating a customize portfolio that suits your needs and objectives.

Monitor your Investment Portfolio Online

You can also monitor your investment portfolio online, with our wealth management platform, known as Financial Access Made Easy (FAME).